Virtual Organising

Flexible guidance and support so you can get organised in your space at your own pace.

If you are feeling ready to organise on your own but need someone to guide you through the process, help you find creative and workable solutions, or just provide some added support and encouragement, virtual organising is perfect for you.

I love being an accountability partner to help get your home or work space organised. During our sessions I’ll give you practical advice, as well as some suggested action steps tailored to the spaces that you are struggling with. Let’s work together to recharge and refine your space. I’m here to answer your questions, as well as cheer you on!

What’s included:

  • 1 hour virtual conversation with me either by video chat or phone call
  • A detailed email questionnaire beforehand to help me understand what areas you’re struggling with so we can maximise the time on our call
  • Personalised action steps of how to organise the space, simplified for you
  • Maintenance tips and specific product recommendations
  • Accountability, my support and answers to your questions throughout the process

1hr session ~ $75

"In our Virtual Consultation session Georgia helped me assess my space, discuss my needs and transform a space full of boxes, awkwardly arranged furniture and deep dust, into a functioning work room. Her calm and non-judgemental observations, and her ability to sort through what needed to be done to make a workable space, combined with suggestions for how to go about the work, made the job feel doable. I went from unworkable clutter, to a room with a fully operational floor loom, a table loom, a desk space and accessible bookshelves. Lovely!"
Lynn C