professional organising services


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your belongings and frustrated with your home, a hands-on decluttering and organising session can help you quickly regain control and restore calm. These sessions include:

  • Working with you to identify your needs and goals for your space
  • Hands-on decluttering and organising of your belongings
  • Practical and emotional support to allow you to make decisions about keeping or letting go of items
  • Setting up effective organising systems tailored to your unique lifestyle
  • Advice on storage solutions 
  • Helping you put in place new habits and routines so you can maintain your new space in the future
  • Donations drop-offs to local charities

Areas I can transform:

  • Kitchens and pantries
  • Bedrooms, clothing and wardrobes
  • Living areas, entryway and home command centres
  • Craft rooms and hobby spaces
  • Spare room, garage and storage areas
  • Laundry and linen closets
  • Home office and paperwork 
  • and more

Office organisation

I can help clear your home or business office space of the distraction of clutter and the burden of paperwork build-up and give you back a calm, organised space that’s a joy to work from. 

Ways I can optimise your office include:

  • Clearing and organising desk spaces
  • Improving office setup and ergonomics
  • Setting up simple, easy-to-maintain paper and digital filing systems 
  • Making recommendations to improve existing filing systems
  • Decluttering old paperwork and organising for safe storage, archival or shredding
  • Creating storage solutions to keep things organised
  • Adapting spaces to improve your work from home setup
  • Recommending systems and tools to help you keep organised 


You may be preparing to move or downsize and feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. I offer practical, compassionate support to simplify the process and help you declutter your home in preparation for these emotional life transitions. 

I provide hands-on assistance, which includes:

  • Pre-move decluttering –  cut down on removal costs by only taking what you need and love to your new home
  • Supporting you with making decisions about keeping or letting go of items
  • Planning for the best use of your new space
  • Carefully packing items for removal
  • Unpacking and setting up organised spaces in the new home so you settling in right away.
  • Arranging donations or disposal of unwanted items


Rate: $90 / hour

Organising and decluttering sessions are for a minimum of 4 hours

Travel fee:

An extra charge may apply for travel beyond 30 minutes driving time from Leichhardt, Sydney

If you’d like a more tailored quote to suit your requirements please get in touch.