Simplify your space, invest in your wellbeing.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter, decisions and tasks piling up?
Do you long for a space that feels calm, organised and supports the life you’re living?

You’re in the right place!

Based in Sydney’s Inner West, I offer flexible and collaborative decluttering and organising services for people feeling overwhelmed, navigating life transitions or looking to improve their home or work space. My approach is friendly and informal and I love nothing more than to sit down over a cup of tea and chat about your project.

Whether you need help sorting and editing belongings, preparing for downsizing or relocation, or if you wish to rearrange your space to better fit your current stage of life, I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

I’m here to help you create uncluttered, well-ordered spaces that feel good, reflect your personality and support your lifestyle and well-being.


I’m Georgia Holmes, an Organising Consultant based in Sydney’s Inner West.

My aim with Thriving Spaces is to empower people to live the life they want to live by removing the physical, mental and emotional clutter standing in their way.

I take a gentle, holistic approach. For me, decluttering and organising isn’t about a perfect ‘after’ photo or getting it right all the time, it’s about letting go of the things that are weighing you down and making it easier to do what you want to do.

Let me help you transform your home or workspace into a place where you feel calm, confident and can truly thrive! 

Together we’ll sort through and declutter your household items, simplify your storage and systems and transform your home into a space where you and your family will thrive.

I’ll be by your side, providing practical and emotional support through the process – from sorting possessions through to planning for your new space, packing and move preparation.

I’ll help you recharge your office setup, storage and systems and create a comfortable, well organised space where you’ll feel confident, productive and inspired to work everyday.

“In our session Georgia helped me transform a space full of boxes, awkwardly arranged furniture and deep dust, into a functioning work room. Her calm and non-judgmental observations, combined with suggestions for how to go about the work, made the job feel doable. I went from unworkable clutter, to a room with a fully operational floor loom, a table loom, a desk space and accessible bookshelves. Lovely!”
Lynn – Marrickville