Organising your Office

Streamlining your work space, storage and systems for greater flow and focus.

When you spend a large portion of your day working inside it’s vital to have an office space that minimises stress and distractions and supports your well-being and productivity.

Whether you’re new to working from home, or looking to improve your existing workspace or home office, I can help you create designated space where you’ll feel confident, productive and inspired to get to work everyday.


  • Create an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing workspace designed to increase comfort, focus and productivity 
  • Organise paperwork & digital decluttering so you can quickly find what you need
  • Source office decor, effective storage ideas and solutions to keep things organised
  • Recommend systems and tools to help you stay on track


  • Face to face consultation in your workspace to assess, declutter and organise your space, systems, and storage
  • Personalised recommendations for organisational/ storage materials, if desired
  • Donation removal (up to one carload per session) and/ or scheduling of donation pickup
  • 2 weeks post session support by phone or email