Creating a Vision for Your Home

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you’re first starting to declutter.

Have you ever started your decluttering journey full of optimism and motivation and find that once you’ve taken everything out of the cupboards or closets and are faced with all that stuff – you lose the will, feel exhausted and put everything back where it was?

I think one reason for this is because you may not have spent enough time thinking about what you’re trying to achieve. 

What is the vision for your home, what is the vision for your life? How do you want to spend your time/ money/ energy?

Having clarity on your why will give you not only the motivation to get started but also, because decluttering takes time and it often gets worse before it gets better, the motivation to keep going when the going gets tough.

When you think about decluttering as not an end in itself but as a way to do more of what you love or that is meaningful to you, it helps shift your focus from it being something you feel like you should do to something you actually want to do. 

So how do you get clear on your vision for your home?

Firstly, consider what your decluttering is in aid of.

It may be to just feel better, to feel less stressed at home, or it might be to have a more healing and restful space, to feel more confident or to improve family harmony.

Maybe you’d like to declutter to create some creative space to pursue a new hobby or interest – an art space, a place to research family history, a spot to work on some sewing projects, or a dedicated reading nook where you can cosy up with some good books. 

Brainstorm some ideas, make a list. 

You might enjoy creating a vision board with pictures that inspire you from magazines or pinterest, or just write up your vision/ why on a post-it note. 

Then when you do start the process of decluttering, get in the habit of asking yourself:

Is this item supporting the space and life that I want to create? 

If not, then it might be time to let it go. 

And when you get stuck, It’s really helpful to remember:

Things don’t make a house come alive; people, purpose and personality do.