Easing in to an organised year

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
~ A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

A little better is a little better

I love the phrase ‘progress over perfection’. When you’re feeling like getting organised is an all or nothing prospect, it can be helpful to remember that any progress is still progress. A little better, is a little better. In fact, sometimes by taking the pressure off yourself or lowering your expectations of what you can get done, you actually get more done.

With that in mind, if your intention is to simplify your space and get better organised at home this year, here are some small, simple organising projects you might start with (when you’re ready).

Pro tip: Take a before and after picture! It’s very motivating to see physical evidence of progress and it will inspire you to keep going!

Simple, steps to ease you into an organised year:

  • Declutter your phone – Delete unused apps and organise the remaining apps into folders to simplify and streamline your home screen.
  • Tidy your bedside table – Take 5 minutes to clear it all off/ out and re-home, donate or discard anything you no longer need, then put it back neatly.
  • Declutter one drawer at a time, as you happen upon them – As you’re going about your day, take 5-10 minutes to sort through, edit and organise drawers or small surfaces when you come across them.
  • Sort through hats, bags, shoes and any clutter in the hallway or entryway to your home.
  • Clear out rubbish from your handbag and try using small mesh bags to keep toiletries, and miscellaneous items organised.
  • Sort through your spice drawer – You’ll be surprised how many things might be completely out of date
  • Clear off your physical desktop or computer desktop   you feel soooo much clearer
  • Put a bag or tub in your closet to add items to donate to charity, for when you next go through your clothes.

Good luck with any projects you undertake and if you need some extra support please get in touch: I offer complimentary 30 minute phone/ video consultations. I love talking all things organising!