Thriving Inside Support Guide

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

This is such a strange, unprecedented time. It’s hard to know what to do and how to feel, as moment to moment our world is changing and our lives are shifting dramatically in response. As so many of us are staying at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it’s vital we look after ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically, so we can support others to do the same. 

When so much feels like it’s out of our control, one thing we can focus on is how we inhabit our spaces and how they can support us and our families to be able to thrive at home. Staying productive, active and involved can help us remain healthy and keep our spirits up. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas, resources and activities to help you boost your resilience and feel happier and more productive whilst staying at home during this quarantine period. During the coming days, I’ll be sharing more thoughts and ideas so be sure to follow along on Instagram.

Stay home, stay safe. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself and others, and take really good care.



Bring the outside inside – potted plants, flowers and herbs will purify the air and connect you to the natural world.

Bring the inside outside – get yourself some vitamin D. Sit near an open window, or if you have a balcony or verandah, pretend it’s a café. Sit in the sun, make yourself a tea, coffee or favourite drink and read a good book or magazine.

Stay Connected:
Keep in regular contact with your loved ones on a virtual platform – Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and help less technologically savvy family members learn how use these platforms.

– Line up virtual dates with friends – see their faces, share a morning coffee, drink, movie night or exercise session.
– Ask people in your life if they need help.

Connect with nature in whatever way you can, for instance Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane, Queensland, currently has 15 livestreams running, eight of which are solely focused on its resident koalas.



Take a walk around your garden or around the block, if you’re able to where you are.

Dance – in whatever way you can. It is such a good way to enhance your mood, bring you into the present moment and keep fit! I love doing ballet with: Lazy Dancer Tips and Kathryn Morgan – who both have a huge range of free videos. Sydney Dance Company is now offering online classes. But you don’t need to take a class in order to dance. Just turn on your favorite music and move about in the living room.

For free yoga resources:
Yoga with Adriene – has a huge library of free yoga videos on YouTube for all ages and levels.
Down Dog app has made all their classes completely free until 1st April.
Glo – is offering free yoga, meditation and Pilates practices to help with anxiety

Indulge your senses – make lists of your favourite sounds, sights, smells and foods, and make time to seek them out. See the book – L’Art de la Liste for some inspiration on making lists.

Prepare some good food – be inspired by Jack Monroe’s Tin Can Cook – 75 recipes that you can make from tinned and dried ingredients in your cupboard.



Listen to music – it is good for the soul, brings you into the moment and distracts you from some of the mental noise.
Explore some Spotify playlists eg:

Explore some meditation apps (also good for improved sleep): InsightTimer, Headspace, Calm

Seek out some positive news – Eg.The Happy Broadcast

Mental health crisis services and helplines – has a great list of online and virtual therapy programs, services and resources
This Way Up – are providing offering free access to all their courses until the 30th of April
Lifeline – provides 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services – 13 11 14



Check in with your neighbours and local community via Nextdoor, an app that connects you with local events, recommendations, safety tips and ways to help
Support small business – if you are able, purchase gift cards to your favorite local small businesses to use at a later date in the future.
Donate to your local food bank or charity eg FoodBank Australia



There are heaps of free online resources available to support you in any hobbies you’d like to explore during this time.

Learn a language for free with DuoLingo
Listen to Audio books via Audible, free 30 day trial through Amazon Prime
Re-read some of your favourite novels that are on your bookshelf
Discover some new Podcasts (If you’re into organising, like me, try the Australian podcasts – Be Uncluttered and The Art of Decluttering

Take virtual tours of museums and iconic sites around the world

Google Arts and Culture features content from over 2000 museums and archives. Eg Top 10 Museums you can explore
– Street View – tour famous sites and landmarks

Create a vision board from your old magazines, plan for good times in the future, allow yourself to dream.



Tackle some of those organising or decluttering projects you’ve been meaning to get around to. For some inspiration to get you started – download my Free 14 Day Organising Quick Start Guide (download here)

Do some cleaning around the house – it’s good for your health and home, and is practical and rather cathartic.

Change things up. Rearrange your furniture. Turn the kitchen table 90 degrees. Move your couch.

Go through some hard copy photos you have and pick out some favourites of happy travels or loved ones to display. If you don’t have frames, use blutac or tape them up, lean them on your bookshelf, magnet them to the fridge.



Have a rhythm to your day. Get up, make your bed, get dressed, have a good breakfast, give yourself a schedule for what you need to do and when you’ll do it.

Set up a designated ‘workspace’ if you don’t already have one and do nothing but work in this space, to create a boundary with the rest of your life. Close the door.

Be clear about your family boundaries – let them know your ‘office hours’ and be sure to finish on time

Stay in contact with colleagues or other business owners through social media, Slack, or Zoom.

Set timers, use the ‘do not disturb’ functions on your phone etc

Try out some of the many great productivity tools and apps available: eg Trello has some great board templates, Pomodoro Timer, Getting Things Done, Google Drive etc


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